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Animator's POV:
After I calmed down, I went to my room. I noticed a letter on my pillow. I opened it up and read it to myself.

I figured out that Jeff is the reason that you always cry. I... It makes me sad whenever you cry. I'm going to get Jeff back for you. I won't tell you how out of the main fear that you might tell Slenderman. I probably won't come back, but please know that this is my decision... And I made it because of you. Tell no one about what I've written to you.

I just want you to smile again... like you used to.

"That crazy little fox demon. Why would she do that?" I cried. "She's crazy! She's going to get killed! I should just shut my mouth and stop complaining about love!"
I ran out of the mansion and into the woods. "Cheyenne?!" I called. "Where are you?!" I ran frantically through the trees. "Where is she?! Where do I go?" I asked myself, scared.
"I think I could help..."
I turned to see who said that. "Hello?" I questioned. "It's me, Hoodie," he said, walking towards me. "Oh, thank goodness, Hoodie! It's only you," I sighed in relief. "I-I saw you leave the m-mansion and followed y-you. I-I didn't want you to g-get lost or even h-hurt."
"That's so sweet of you!" I gave him a hug. "You know... I really care about you." I got closer to his face. "I might even love you." I pulled his hood back, stared into his crimson eyes, and kissed him. "I love you, Hoodie."
He quickly pulled away and put his hood back on. "NO! YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!" he yelled. "YOU LOVE JEFF!!"
"Ariana! You've been through too much with Jeff! You belong with Jeff! It's true, I do love you... But I want you to be happy!! And Your happy with Jeff!" he cried. "Please, Ariana... I only want you happy."
"I-I'm sorry, Hoodie. I care about you so much. It's just so confusing. I don't know who I love anymore."
"Well, for now, I can help you find Cheyenne," he said, determined.
We continued walking through the woods for a few hours. "They'll kill Ariana," I heard barely in the distance. "Jeff?!" I called.
I ran to where his voice came from and could barely see him. "Jeff!" I yelled.  I ran as fast as I could. "Jeff!" I cried as I ran into his arms. "Oh, Jeff... I'm sorry. I love you. I've missed you. You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment to come. I can't stand to be without you... I LOVE YOU! Please forgive me... Please come back to the mansion. Please!"
"Ariana, I-I love you. They told me that if I try to go, they would kill you," Jeff explained.
"It's okay. We can fight them off. Our love is strong!"
"I can't bear to see you get hurt because of me." He kissed me and walked off. "I love you," I said. "Cheyenne!" I yelled in a mad tone... "Thank you!" I hugged her. "As long as I know he is safe, I know I can go on happily. Now, go do what you gotta do," I explained.

Artisit's POV:
"Jeff!" Ariana cried as she ran into Jeff's arms. "Oh, Jeff... I'm sorry. I love you. I've missed you. You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment to come. I can't stand to be without you... I LOVE YOU! Please forgive me... Please come back to the mansion. Please!" Ariana pleaded.
"Ariana, I-I love you. They told me that if I try to go, they would kill you," Jeff explained.
"It's okay. We can fight them off. Our love is strong!" she exclaimed. "I love you too, Ariana!" I shouted, twitching my ear. She didn't hear me.
"I can't bear to see you get hurt because of me." He kissed Ariana and walked off. "I love you," she said. "Cheyenne!" she yelled in a mad tone... "Thank you!" she hugged me. "As long as I know he is safe, I know I can go on happily. Now, go do what you gotta do," she explained.
I followed Jeff to a pretty house. "Oh sure... Jeff's loved... I run away, and I don't get loved... HUG MEH JEFFY!!!" I yelled. "Uhhhhh... How about no?" he replied. "Awwwhh... You're no fun..." "Let's just go kill these people."
"Alright!" I said happily. "I'll get the parents. You get the kids." Jeff jumped through the window to the kitchen. I followed and entere a hallway. Three doors. I walked into one room, and a five-year-old girl was asleep. I quietly slit her throat and blood splattered all over my face. I went to the next room and killed the three-year-old boy. I walked into the next room to see a seventeen-year-old boy playing video games. Crap. Crap. Crap. He looked at me. My eyes quickly faded to blueish green.
"Who are you? What are you doing in my room?" he asked, pausing his game. "Uhhmmm... Hi! I'm Veronica! I just moved in down the street and wanted to meet you! Your dad sent me up!" I told him cheerfully. "Why are you covered in blood?" he questioned and grabbed his baseball bat. "I'm a hardcore cosplayer!" I replied. He dropped the bat and stared at me. "Alright?" he said. I stared into his eyes, and his eyes widened. His blood boiled, and his skin fried.
That was harder than I thought...
A scream came from the living room. I sprinted through the hallway to see Jeff lying on the floor in pain,  a man standing over him with a shotgun. "YOU KILLED MY WIFE!!! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!" the man yelled angrily. I teleported behind him and snatched the shotgun out of his hands. I threw it across the room. The man pulled a knife out of his back pocket and lunged at me, causing me to fall to the ground. He punched me and stabbed me in the arm. "Gah!" I grunted and kicked him off. Jeff ran up and stabbed him in the neck. "We need to go! Now!" Jeff yelled as sirens sounded in the distance. I grabbed him and teleported to the cabin.
We walked inside. L.J. stared at us in pure excitement. "You are too perfect!!" he giggled. "What?" I asked, confused. "You're on the news..." Tails Doll stated. I looked at the T.V.
"There has been a murder scene at the subdivision of Greenside Road. Many witnesses have confirmed the sightings of two figures entering 224 Greenside Road, the exact house the murder was cofined in. Witnesses say that one figure was male and wore a white hoodie, while the other was female and wore a red hoodie and had a fox tail and ears. Please stay tuned for any more evidence about this case..."
"How was it? Killing them?" Tails Doll asked. "Perfect!! Absolutely perfect!" I laughed. "You're perfect!" L.J. chuckled. I stared at him. "We have an early day tomorrow!" he stated. "You can sleep in my room. So it's less awkward," Tails Doll said. I followed the little doll to his room and crawled into bed. He sat down at the foot of the bed. "I'll sleep down here," he said. I shook my head. "What?" he asked. I reached to him, picked him up, and cuddled him. His gem faded from red to blue, and we fell asleep.

Animator's POV:
"Hoodie, what do we do now?" I asked. "I-I don't know..." he answered. "What happens when they notice she's gone?" I questioned. "W-we will cover f-for her as long a-as we can."
We heade back to the mansion. It took a few hours, but we made it back unnoticed. I went into my room and sat there. Millions of things sped through my mind: Jeff, Slendy, Hoodie, Cheyenne...
Cheyenne... How am I going to keep this secret? I thought. "What secret, child?" Slendy teleported to me. "Oh Slendy? It's nothing. Don't worry!" I smiled. "Child, where's Cheyenne?"
"Umm. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um... BATHROOM!! YEAH! She's in the bathroom!"
"Are you sure, dear?"
"Mhm. She's in the bathroom."
"Alright..." he responded slowly. He teleported away.
"Hoodie!" I called. "Y-yes?" he answered, coming into the room. "What are we going to do? Slendy can literally read minds!"
"Well, uhmm... W-we could... uhmm... We just have to lie... W-we need to tr-try as hard as w-we can."
"But I can't keep lying to Slendy! He's like my father!" I cried. "It's okay." Hoodie hugged me. "W-we will f-figure something out, I-I promise. J-just don't think about i-it." "But it's hard not-"
He kissed me right on the lips before I could continue. "Hood-!?" He continued to kiss me. I gave in and kissed back. We were kissing for awhile. I had forgotten about Cheyenne and Jeff. The only thing on my mind was Hoodie.
Hoodie stayed in my room, making sure I kept quiet. "Hoo-Hoodie, um, could you come lay down with me?" I asked shyly. "Uhh... S-sure," he said, his face turning red. He slowly got in my bed and just layed there awkwardly. I grabbed his arm, put it around me, and snuggled close to him until we both fell asleep.
I woke up early and snuck out of my room. "I love you, Hoodie," I whispered. I snuck out of the house. "I need to find Cheyenne."

Artisit's POV:
I woke up and noticed that Tails Doll was gone. I got up and walked into the living room. Nobody was home. I sat on the couch and wondered what I should do next. Suddenly, I was pinned against the couch. "I told everyone to leave," L.J. chuckled. "Let's have some fun!" "Stop!" I shouted, trying to break free.

BEN's POV: (OOOOOO plot changer!!)
I walked down the stairs and yawned. Masky was pacing angrily around the living room. "What's up?" I asked. He turned and glared at me. "What do you mean 'What's up'? Cheyenne is gone!! I've looked everywhere for her!! Jack's been outside looking for her since seven!!" he yelled angrily. My eyes widened and turned crimson. "Wh- what?" I asked. "CHEYENNE IS GONE!!!"
"A-Ariana is too!" Hoodie shouted from the stairs. "I'm going to find them!" I shouted and sprinted out the front door. I sprinted through the woods. Cheyenne's thoughts were projected to me. Help! Someone help! Cabin! Help!
Then her thoughts just stopped. I sprinted to where I knew her thoughts were coming from.

Artisit's POV:
I attempted to fight L.J. off, but he was too strong. He tugged at my shirt. I projected my thoughts out of fear. Help! Someone help! Cabin! Help!
I teleported away from L.J. "Come here," he demanded. "N-no!" I responded. He stood up and walked towards me. "You can't disobey me!" he laughed. I teleported to the corner. "Wh-why can't I get outside?" I asked myself quietly. "I own you."
I whimpered as he pinned me against the wall. I pulled my knife out of my back pocket and stabbed him in his eye. I ran for the door and slammed it open, only to have the Rake intimidate me back towards Laughing Jack. The rake shut the door, and L.J. giggled into my ear. "I told you, didn't I?"
"Yes, Jack. You own me," I answered, feeling our souls form into one. "Now... you can't run... Or hide..."
"I know..." I said as tears streamed down my cheeks. I'm trapped...

I stopped after awhile and noticed Ariana standing by a little pond. "Ariana!" I shouted. She turned and looked at me. "Ben? What are you doing here?" she asked. "Same reason you are," I replied, fixing my hat. She nodded and turned to the dense forest. We walked for two hours, until a cabin came into view. We hid in the bushes.
Cheyenne opened the door, only to have the Rake intimidate him back inside. He shut the door and swayed back and forth. "I'm going to get her," I whispered, standing up. She forced me back down with her telekinesis.  "Not yet."

Animator's POV:
I walked through the dense forest. "Cheyenne!?" I yelled out. I continued walking for awhile, but I seemed to be getting nowhere. I found a small pond and stood next to it, thinking.
Why did she have to go there? Who knows what they made her do. They better at least be keeping her safe.
"Ariana!" I turned around to see who was shouting. "Ben? What are you doing here?" I questioned him. "Same reason you are," he replied. I nodded and turned in the right direction. We walked until a cabin came into view. They seemed to be keeping her from escaping.
"I'm going to get her," Ben said, standing up. "Not yet!" I whispered, forcing him back down. "We need a plan... We need to distract the Rake."
I used my levitation powers to throw a rock into the woods. The Rake looked up and crawled to check it out. "Alright go... NOW!" I yelled. We ran straight for the door and it flew open. Ben and I were standing right in front of Laughing Jack. "Hahahaha! Right into my little trap!" he laughed.
"You bastard! Let us go!" I yelled. "And let you run back to your precious Slenderman? I think not! You three will stay here forever! You will fight all of your friends!"
I fell to the floor trying to think of the reason we were here.
Cheyenne's fault? No. Laughing Jack's fault? No. Jeff's fault? No.
"My fault... This whole thing was because of me..." Not just my eyes, but my whole body illuminated a bright blue color. "I started this... I'm going to finish it." I began to float and ice, almost like snow, was spawning from my finger tips. Ben and L.J. froze. "Cheyenne! Get out of here!"

Artisit's POV:
"Cheyenne! Get out of here!" Ariana yelled as she froze Ben and L.J. "No!" I shouted and stood in front of L.J.
After she calmed down, she looked at me. "Please, Cheyenne. Get out of here. I know what I have to do."
My body froze. "I-I can't!" I yelled. My body combusted, and Ben and L.J. defrosted. "Why can't you leave?" Ariana asked confused. L.J. walked to me and patted my head. "We're connected! What you do to me, you do to your most precious Cheyenne! Most entertaining, yes?" L.J. chuckled. Ben's eyes widened, Ariana shuddered.
"You're connected with L.J.?" Ariana asked. "Show them a demonstration!" L.J. giggled. I pulled out my knife and cut L.J.'s cheek slightly. We both bled. "What did you do to her?" Ben asked harshly.
"I made her better!"

Animator's POV:
"What did you do to her?" Ben yelled. "I made her better!" L.J. laughed. I froze Chey and L.J., and Ben and I ran back to the mansion.
"JACK!!" I yelled. "Yes?" he replied from the couch. "Do you still have Cheyenne's kidney?"
"Yea." He brought us to his room and handed me the jar which held the kidney. "So, if this is Cheyenne's, then, technically, it's Laughing Jack's. If we hurt the kidney, we only hurt L.J.!"
"You think that will work?" Ben asked. "No... I know it will work," I replied. "Go start a fire in the yard."
We stood around the fire. I unscrewed the jar and threw in the kidney. "Now, we sit back and watch."
"Bye bye..." Jack waved to the kidney. "When did you even get her kidney?" Ben asked Jack.
"Ya see, what happened was... she said I could have it so... I got when she was asleep," he answered.
"If we hurt L.J., he'll have no choice but to send Cheyenne back. He's probably in so much pain right now, he may come and make Jack take his kidney," I joked.

Artisit's POV:
I defrosted to see that Ariana and Ben were gone. L.J. screamed in agony and rolled around on the floor. "L.J.! What's wrong with you?" i asked falling to the floor beside him. "Burning!! Inside me!!" he yelled. I lifted my shirt and noticed the stitched up wound. Jack, you clever bastard. Now's my chance. I ran out of the cabin and to the mansion.

Animator's POV:
We sat and waited. We all kinda just stared at where she would come from. "Guys!" Cheyenne yelled running towards us. "What do I do?! He's right behind me!" "In the fire! Get in the fire! It can't hurt you!" I yelled.

Artisit's POV:
I ran towards a fire, with L.J. close on my tail. Ariana, Ben, and Jack were all standing by the fire. "Guys!" I yelled running towards them. "What do I do?! He's right behind me!" I yelled. "In the fire! Get in the fire! It can't hurt you!" Ariana shouted.
I jumped into the fire, it turned a blueish green color, to match my eyes. L.J. screamed and fell to the ground in agony. "Serves you right, you bastard!" Ben shouted. I saw L.J.... smile at me. That evil smile. Then, he stabbed himself in the stomach and chuckled as I fell to the ground.
"Cheyenne!!" Ariana yelled, falling beside me. Jack and Ben fell next to her. "Chey?" Ariana asked, teary eyed. "B-b-break..." I coughed. "What? Break what?" Jack asked frantically. "B-b-bond..."
Ariana's eyes illuminated as she froze my blood to prevent severe loss. Slenderman teleported to us. My hearing began to fade.
"B-break... B-b-bond..." I repeated, pointing to L.J. "I don't understand!" Ariana cried. "Child... She might not make it..." Slenderman said quietly.
I noticed a purple haired girl sprint past, but I fell unconcious.

I woke up in a white room. I noticed that I was wearing a white, frilly dress. I looked around to speak... but no words came out. I twitched my tail feverishly. I can't speak... I realized. I waved my arms and ran around in circles. "Hello! Hi! Hiya!" the purple haired girl said happily, walking into the room. I waved. "How are you feeling?" she asked. I smiled. "Good! I'm Candy Addict Miku! But you can call me Candy or Miku!" she giggled. I had and idea. I projected my thoughts to her. Cheyenne, I thought. "Nice to meet you Cheyenne!" Jack sent me up here to check on you!" she smiled.
I jumped up and down. "You seem happy about that!" I nodded my head and hugged her. How long was I out? "About a week."
She played with her hair a bit. "Why aren't you talking? With your voice?" she asked after awhile. I tried but can't. "Oh... that normally happens when someone breaks a bond."
"Are you sad?" Miku asked. Why would I be sad? I asked. " you probably won't be able to use your voice for awhile..." she sighed. I'll live with it! Thank you. "For what." For saving me.
The door opened and Jack walked in. I jumped up and down and wagged my tail. "Someone's happy to see me!" he laughed. I nodded. "She won't be able to speak for awhile," Miku told Jack. "Well, you're expressing yourself well enough, right?" I nodded and smiled in agreement.
"Did you miss me at all when you were at the cabin?" Jack asked playfully. I held my arms out. This much!! "Only that much?"
I jumped into his arms and gave him a big hug. "Do you wanna come downstairs and show everyone that you're awake?" he asked. I nodded and clapped my hands.
We walked down the stairs and into the living room. Everyone looked at me. Mrs. P, Sally, Pinkamena, and Slenderman came over and greeted me and then went about their business. Hoodie poked me to make sure I was really there and I scared him. Masky and Ben walked to me at the same time.
"I'm so happy that your awake!" Masky said happily, hugging me. "I'm way happier than he is!" Ben shouted, crossing his arms. I smiled, and they both blushed. I kissed them on their cheeks and was about to sit down when Ariana opened the door. "I got Cheyenne's medicine!" she yelled and then looked at me. "Cheyenne? You're awake!"

Animator's POV:
L.J. stabbed himself. "Cheyenne!" I yelled.
I fell beside her. We ran and took her inside. "Slendy!" I shouted with tears running down my face. "I need help." he teleported to my side when I said 'help'. "What happened, child?" Slendy asked, afraid. La-Laughing Jack... Bo- bond," I stared to stutter. "Chey-"
I fainted. The thought of losing my one true friend had gotten to me. It must have been a couple of hours since I passed out, Because I was tucked in my bed. I went into the hallway to see everyone talking to a girl with very long, purple hair, and a high-pitched, almost computerized voice. I went to greet her.
"Hi," I said softly. "Oh hi!! You must be Ariana! These boys sure do care alot about you! Thay always have something to say about you! Ariana's so nice, Ariana's so cool, I love Ariana," she said. My face turned red.
"Who said they loved me?" I asked. "Oh silly me! I wasn't supposed to say that one! Anyways! I'm Candy Addict Miku! You can call me Candy or Miku!" she said excited. "Alright, Miku. Can you help us break a soul bond?" I asked hesitantly.
"Why, of course!! First, we need a pure white room. This way the soul will be clear of impurities. Then, we need one of the people whose soul has been bonded!" she replied excitedly. We picked and empty room and painted it white, which took a few days. Cheyenne was in a state similar to a coma when we placed her in the room. We waited patiently for her to wake up.
I went out to get her some medicine. Everyone was looking at me weird. Probably because I had been crying earlier that day, and looked beaten. I brushed it off and went back to the mansion.
"I got Cheyenne's medicine!" I shouted, entering the mansion. Cheyenne was awake and standing not even four feet away from me. "Cheyenne? You're awake!" I yelled and ran to her, hugging her tight. "Why in hell did you do that for?! You worried me so much!" Don't you ever do anything like that again!" I cried.
"She can't talk, she won't be able to for awhile," Miku explained. "Oh... Sorry Chey..." I apologized.
We're back on track. Everything was back to the way it was. Now, we only need to worry about the war. I realized that this war wasn't what I should be worrying about. It's losing the ones I love.

Artisit's POV:
Ariana walked away after apologizing. I sat on the couch thinking about what I could do to pass the time. Ben, Masky, and Jack sat next to me. I looked at Ben and pouted slightly. "You're cute," Jack whispered. I turned to him and blushed slightly. "I- uh... what I mean..." I slapped him. "Ow!" Jack shouted. "I don't think she likes you," Masky laughed. I poked Ben's cheek cutely.
"Yes?" he asked. I motioned like I was putting on a hat. "What? Can't you just think what you want?" he asked. I shook my head and closed my eyes and snored slighty. "It makes her tired," Masky pointed out. I clapped my hands. "Get ready folks! Time for a hardcore game of charades!" Jack laughed.
"What do you want?" Ben asked nicely. I put on an imaginary hat. They looked at me clueless. I pointed to Ben's hat. "Uhmm... I think she wants your hat," Masky said. Ben's eyes widened. "NO! NOT MY HAT!!!" he shouted holding onto his hat for dear life. I looked at Jack, lowered my ears, and pouted. "Ben. Give her the hat." "NO JACK!!!" "Give her the hat!"
They chased eachother around the couch until Masky snatched the hat away from Ben. "My haaaaaaaaaaaattt!!" he cried. Masky put it on my head. "Cuteness in a hat!" Jack cried. "Now how hard was that?" Masky asked Ben. "VERY!!!" he shouted, sitting back down next to me. "Well, you got your hat... Now, what do you want to do?" Jack asked playfully.
I motioned like I was playing a game. "Game!! Nailed it!" Ben exclaimed. I nodded and hid behind the couch, pretended like I was counting, pointed to Ben, and mouthed 'found you'. "Hide and seek?" Jack asked. I nodded and clapped my hands. "Who's it?" Masky asked. I pointed to Ben. "Awwwwwwwwhh... Now you're just picking on me!" he said. I begged. "Fine! Go hide..."
I teleported to the roof. I took off the hat and started playing with it. I put in back on and stared at the sky. I'm bored up here all alone...
I began to think about the war. I don't want to fight... About thirty minutes passed, I stared at the sky. Oooo Bunny cloud. That one looks like a foxxie.
"CHEYENNE!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!! YOU WIN!!!" I heard Ben shout. I teleported to where he was, which caused him to jump. I waved. "Hi..." he gasped. "You scared me."
I took off the hat and handed it back to him, but he put it back on my head. "You can wear it. Just don't tell Masky or Jack I'm letting you wear it," he told me, looking at the ground. I blushed slightly, and he rubbed the back of his head. "D-do you want to play video games now?" he asked. I nodded quickly.
We went back inside. Sally looked at us. "What are you doing?" she asked with a smile. "About to play the XBOX," Ben replied. "Nope. We're watching T.V."
I pouted. "I have an XBOX in my room," Ben pointed out. We went down the hallway. Ariana stopped us before we went inside Ben's room.
"Where are you two going?" she asked. "My room," Ben replied. "It's my turn to spend time with Chey," she pointed out.

Animator's POV:
I walked away deep in thought. Should I tell her? Everything that she had to got through, she failed. Jeff is stuck on the other side. He hasn't come back. He can't come back. She went because I was sad. I have to keep optimistic. I love Jeff. But I love my friends as well. I must keep myself looking happy. It's what I must do... I shall hide any negative emotions.
I went into my room and looked out the window. I knew I should be happy. Cheyenne is back, Jeff is safe, nothing can go wrong. I continued to look out the window when I saw Ben. He appeared to be yelling out for Cheyenne. I was about to walk away from the window, but I saw Cheyenne teleport to Ben. She was wearing his hat. I watched her try to hand it back, but he put it on her head.
Love, I thought. They're in love. I will protect their love. I will make neither of them will have to endure pain like I've had to.
I went into the hallway to Cheyenne and Ben walking together.
"Where are you two going?" I asked. "My room," Ben replied. "It's my turn to spend time with Chey," I demanded. Cheyenne opened her mouth to protest but still couldn't speak.
"Okay, okay. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do," I told them. Ben looked at me with an awkward face.
"Ya know... If you play Resident Evil 4... Don't shoot the pond," I winked.

Artisit's POV:
"Ya know... If you play Resident Evil 4... Don't shoot the pond," Ariana winked and walked away. "What's her problem?" Ben asked. I shrugged.
We went into the room, Ben sat me down in front of a closet full of games. "You pick one, and we'll play it together!" he smiled. I looked through his games and found the one I wanted to play.
I handed it to him. "Halo Anniversary? Alright.." Heads up, gamerboy. I can kick your butt with just a pistol. "Ooo! Looks who's so threatening!" he laughed. Ben's laugh is sooooo kawaii!! I thought to myself.
"Well, if you like my laugh, you probably should just tell me. I'll laugh more!" Ben laughed. I looked down in embarrassment. Stupid thinking thoughts.
We played for hours, but in the end, Ben won.
"I kicked your ass, Chey!!" he shouted happily. You cheated! "How'd I do that?" Your hat! "Oh? And what'd my hat do?" IT'S TOO BIG!!!!!!
Ben's eyes widened. "You thought that kinda loud... it'd be kinda awkward if someone heard you," he said awkwardly. I covered my mouth. Oops... I thought.
Ben laughed. Cutest laugh ever!

Masky's POV:
IT'S TOO BIG!!!!!! I heard coming from Ben's room. My eyes widened. He better not be doing what I think he's doing.
I sprinted to Ben's room and slammed open the door. Ben was laughing, and Cheyenne waved to me. "You're hanging out with me now!" I said hurriedly and grabbed her hand. She gave Ben his hat back and followed me to my room. What are we gonna do? she asked. "I'm bringin you somewhere. Put this on." I handed her an outfit to match mine: a yellow hoodie, black pants, converse shoes.
"I'll be in the hall," I told her and shut the door. I'm going to kill Ben, I thought.

Animator's POV:
IT'S TOO BIG!!!!!! I heard coming from Ben's room. My ears flattened, my eyes widened, and my face turned red.
Oh God... What are they doing? I wonder... If he was to get her preggers, would they have an elf fox baby? Heh... That would be cute...Would I be an aunt? That would awesome, but not in a war... Soo not awesome... It would still be kind of awesome. Yea! A pointy eared fox baby with blonde hair and a red Link hat.
"Am I really sitting here, thinking about an elf demon thing and my best friend conceiving a child? Eh, whatever. It would be cute! -w-" I ranted on. "What about Jeff and I? Jeff was a blonde, right? So, I guess it wouldn't look burned, or would it?... ew." I shook my head and went into the hallway. I looked around and saw Slendy talking to Mrs. P. I backed up into my room.
"Slendy and Mrs. P! Forever and always! Or, is Mrs. P married? That would be a cute baby... or not?? Faceless, black hair? Or, bald...No, blue eyes? Who else could be together? Masky? Hoodie? Hmmmm... That's just weird... Slendy and Pinkie! NO... No... just no. I SHALL SHIP EVERYONE IN THE MANSION!!!!!!!!!"
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Its my favorite game~ Its so good >w< All together I can defeat the final boss of the game in about 5 or 6 minutes on Mania. Though thats really it ._.
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okie dokie
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